Why should I choose Evaglo over other brands?

An Evaglo product ticks all the right boxes:

  • A holistic solution that is 98% natural with 1% of mild preservative and a dash of fragrance
  • Our formula incorporates the highest quality of proven ingredients
  • We do not add fillers or bulkers, which compromise on the quality
  • We do not believe in overcharging our customers - our prices are highly affordable
What is the secret ingredient used in Evaglo products?

Our range of natural bodycare products contains organic and certified Rosehip Oil. The oil is recognized for its ability to heal a number of skin ailments such as acne, eczema, skin burns and dermatitis. It is rich in essential fatty acids, which repair skin tissues, regenerate skin cells and heal skin scars. Evaglo nourishes your skin and keeps it healthy.

What is the base ingredient used in Evaglo products

All candles have a base of soy bean oil and all cremes have Almond Oil used as a base. Almond Oil contains vitamins E & D and omega 6 for nourishing and protecting the skin.

Do Evaglo products contain sunscreen?

Currently, Evaglo products do not contain sun-block. As chemical additives form an essential component in most sunscreens, the risk of skin irritations and allergies is high. Our emphasis is on providing effective natural solutions, and we are presently looking into how we can incorporate sun-blocking agents into our products.

Are Evaglo products suitable for women with sensitive skin?

Yes, you can safely use Evaglo products even if you have sensitive skin. Our proven formula's deliver the promised result for all skin types. Our products do not contain strong chemicals like Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, or mineral oils that can cause irritations in sensitive skin types.

What are the preservatives used in Evaglo products?

The 'preservatives content' of our products is minimal. preservatives are limited to alcohol-based Phenyloxyethanol and citrus seed extracts. These additions keep bacterial growth at bay and keep the products fresh, therefore extending their shelf-life. Please note preservative is only used in the cremes.

How much Evaglo should I apply on my skin?

When you use an Evaglo product for the first time, your skin will absorb the creme quickly. Over time and with improvements, you only need apply the creme in very small quantities.

What care should I take while storing my Evaglo products?

Evaglo products should be stored at temperatures of 30 degree Celsius and below. Please keep them away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. This is very important as your product can become rancid if proper care is not taken.

Can I buy Evaglo samples?

We offer mixed fragranced & essential oil tea light packs to make it easy and affordable for try all of our candle range.