Our Story

The Evaglo Story:

Evaglo brings together two WA Ladies, Kathii with a passionate drive for a quality natural product and Pauleen with a creative flair for all things pretty. Combined both ladies bring a lovingly hand poured body candle with classic fragrances and essential oils straight from natures garden. Not just a candle, but a natural soy body candle infused with 100% natural certified rosehip oil and pure shea butter.

Through many hours of trial and error both ladies have developed a candle, not only to be used for the aroma but also to pour directly onto the skin as a perfume balm, moisturiser or heel balm. They have also developed a line of body care products. The formula used in these products not only benefits the skin, but is good for you without the harmful chemicals, i.e. bulkers and fillers that many manufactures use today.

Frustrated by misconceptions surrounding "all natural products" both Kathii and Pauleen have done extensive research and as a result the Evaglo Natural Body Candle Range is refreshingly different from any other candle on the market today. Beautifully fragrant and free from toxic chemicals with a dual purpose.